Great location just 1 minute walk from Sapporo Station! Enjoy fresh ingredients delivered daily from the market at low prices.
Excellently fresh Hokkaido seafood (a wide variety of sashimi, three major crabs, sea urchin, salmon roe, a wide variety of Hamayaki (a whole steam-roasted fish) dishes, broiled fish items, etc. ) A wide selection of menu items.
A rich selection of a la carte items including grilled Atsuage (thick fried tofu) brought in from a high quality tofu shop.
Mega size in-store space with seating capacity for maximum 500 people. Private rooms suitable for every type of occasion.
Our cheerful and energetic staffs will welcome you with the Japanese drum beat rang from the entrance.

Restraint information
Counter Seats surrounding a big fireplace, filled with lively atmosphere. Comfortable sunken kotatsu seats available for 2 people or more. Our big private banquet room can accommodate up to 160 people.
Menu Recommendations
All you can drink menu (all 230 drink items) available only for 690yen for 120 minutes. We serve seasonal Hokkaido high quality foods including fresh Hamayaki (a whole steam-roasted fish) items, hairy crab, red king crab, etc. for reasonable prices.